Geometric Abstract

  • Geometric Abstract

Geometric Abstract


The Geometric Design was introduced to those who preferred to have something not associated with flowers or theme. Customize it with your name in Arabic

- Add to cart and tell us what you would like to engrave on your strap under the Notes section.

- If you are engraving an Arabic Name, and you do not have an Arabic Keyboard, please use Google Translate. You can copy and Paste the Arabic letters. 

- Entering the characters you wish to engrave. 

+ Please take note that we can allow a maximum number of 20 characters.

+ If you not able to enter an Arabic name, just let us know in the notes section and we will translate your name for you.

+ If you are facing difficulty to enter your name in the box, please continue to place order and email us immediately at after payment, quoting the subject as, "Name Engraving Order Number ****" And in the body of the email please let us know of the characters. 

- Once you are done, simply save and proceed to checkout.

- Per strap requires 48-72 hours which includes work of stitching, engraving and drying.

- We will send you a confirmation once the order has been complete and if you wish to have a Live photograph of the strap before its shipped out, please indicate in the notes section and it will be sent to you via email. 

We reserve all rights to NOT engrave offensive and other types of unsuitable and unlawful content.